Farm Diary

With unusual amount of rain, everything is so Green and Lush this month.   Hydrangea is showing off their colorful blooms, blue berries, goose berries, and raseberries are waiting for you and birds to pick and enjoy them.   Cabbages and Galics are swelling up and ready to be on your table.   Tomatos are still shy with their color, but if you pick some green tomatoes, roast with our young potatoes and onions, and serve with some sour cream, salt and pepper, you will have delightful dinner.     The down side is we have large amount of Japanese beetles, although I admire their beautiful shinning outfit, their are terrible pests in our gardens.  I did my best to pick them and put them in a bucket of water in the early morning and feed them to my chicken.  It's a feast for our chicken!   

Iris and Peony are competiting their beautyTomatos are stretching their arms and ready for fruitingPeach with baby fruitesBlueberriesBlack BerriesPotatos and BeansIn Memory of our Love - Sam

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