Green Cleaning and Recycling


Our goal is to provide you with a healthy and comfortable place to stay while you are here to experience natural surroundings and relaxation.  We make our best effort to keep the environment “green”.

For laundry, we use “Mrs. Meyers stain remover”, “ALL laundry soap” and “OXICLEAN”.   We minimize the use of “bleach”.  

For cabin cleaning, we use “Mrs. Meyers all purpose and bathroom sprayers”.  We use “Magic eraser” for tough surface stain.

We provide “Seventh Generation Dish Soap” for the cabins, and we use hand-made shampoo and shower bars for all cabins

Here are the links to our cleaning suppliers,

Mrs. Meyers Website at

Seventh Generation Website at

Greenwich Bay Trading Co. at 


 Recycle bins are provided at each cabin.  We recycle newspaper, magazines, plastics (milk, water or soda bottles), cardboard, glass, and aluminum.  Most of our customers participate in our recycling program, and we collect about 6,000 gallons of recycle material each year (measured by 50 gallon recycle collection bins).  We are very proud to be able to keep that much material out of the local landfill.

 We use mulching blades on all of our mowers to keep from creating lawn waste.  We also bag small amounts of grass to feed to our animals (giving them a natural food source) and to add variety to our composting material.  We compost the animal manure, along with grass, leaves, and fresh vegetable and herb waste. Customers are welcome to give us their left over fruits and vegetables to add to our compost bin.  Once the raw material has composted, we use it as fertilizer on the property to grow plants and to enhance the landscape.  Our composting process uses about 15,000 gallons of raw material each year (measured by 50 gallon collection bins). We are proud of our manure management program and our ability to keep natural vegetation out of the landfill.

The farm has thousands of trees.  As we trim trees and remove dead trees from time to time, we recycle them.  If the trees are hardwoods, they are cut into firewood for the cabins.  Small limbs and brush are ground into wood chips and used for mulch on the trails and around the plants.  We purchase the majority of our firewood from a local supplier, who gets his firewood from trees that are being removed for some reason, as part of his landscaping business, therefore recycling the trees that would otherwise be waste material, and also avoiding the cutting of beautiful trees just to produce firewood.

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